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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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Isabelle Cheren

If I had the means. In a heart beat I’d save it. It’s one of the most breath taking builds in Second Life and truly a testament at what can be created. It’s pure art.
Can Linden Lab not consider this as something of real value they can preserve . Something like this is outstanding and shows that with a vision you can create something extraordinary.
If I can help just shout and I’ll do what I can. Financially I’m not great but happy to film again this weekend and put it out


This issue forces a rethink in strategy for how VR funding works. The current capitalist model makes it unstable for artists to get into it in the first place. This is to the detriment of art and VR. Were LL to reduce their sim rates would be a step in the right direction. As Djehan Kidd says: it is the artists who add value to VR. Simply by hosting Hangars Liquides at all SecondLife goes up in value. Many of us are hoping Miss Kidd moves forward from this experience to learn Unity or Unreal game engines for her own private commercial product for cross-platform consoles so her genius and the atmosphere of Hangers can reach a wider audience.


Even if she is successful, LL will change their policy to screw her (and other artists and NPs) over once again.

It's their history after all.

Lawrence Celestalis

@Isabelle Cheren spreading the word will make a difference anyway! Thanks


I hope they contacted a lawyer before pulling this stunt. It is still a kind of rental and they might get patted hard on their fingers if this is deemed circumventing the "no subletting for non-profits" rules by the Lab.


i like this


Before August 31st I can and will rake up 10% of the cost that is needed to keep the sim up and running this year.

If all fails my Second Life will be permanently over as well.

If all beauty like this just fades into oblivion in SL, there's nothing to look forward to in there for me anymore.

Lawrence Celestalis

@Fionalein happy to see you contributing here too to the salvation of Hangars Liquides! The Hangars Liquides non profit is accepting donations as the French national law prescribes. Donors will receive a free gift in exchange.

Lawrence Celestalis

TDD123 I have received so many messages of people who had in visiting Hangars Liquides their sole reason to visit Second Life, that's really amazing and honours the builder's efforts!

Adeon Writer

“Sansar is just VRChat for boomers.” - random VRChat Guy.



Anonymous petty virtual landbarons are actually trying to kill off someone which has been ,repeatedly, called a real life artist and the work she created within.

Ununderdandable.Any real life game company would love to hire an artist like that and in here she it pettied by the game.

How horrendous.

And that's coming from a common plebian.


For anyone interested in seeing another side of the picture - see the behaviour of their "spokesman" on the official LindenLab forums:


Judge for yourselves.


The spokesman seems rather genuine while you on the other hand, is somebody LL would love to keep in their peanut gallery.


This sim was created in another time, long ago when the west was wild and free. Sometimes you have to just let go and move on to …......

Lawrence Celestalis

@Fionalein thank you for sharing the link, people will see how some forum participants tried to smear Djehan, a honest, true artist who is trying to save her sim. I am sure people will judge for themselves.


@Lawrence Celestalis you are involved too much into this to see the horrible picture you painted of yourself over there. I hope the Hangars crew will remember you as "the dude who (almost) ruined Djehan's project with his ego trip" and react accordingly...

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