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Monday, July 01, 2019


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Argo Nurmi

Here is a twist on the permission problem. In the day a developer -Arcadia Asylum- was queen of the freebie movement. She created objects to be FREE and fully modifiable. Her grunge objects were everywhere in SL when I jointed up in 2006. I knew her slightly, both of us were in the old SL Hobo group. Her various run-ins with LL have been discussed elsewhere but probably second on her gripe list was that people were selling her freebies - or in some cases adding something trivial and selling it under their name. Reviled now, the freebie movement was supposed to build social capital in the SL space. Her idea was to make things that could be modded, reused and mash-up. A few of the smarter people thought up a way the permission system could be modded to preserve her intent but you know how this story ends.

Madeline blackbart

A new permission system wont stop pirating beyond the aformentioned exploits and only maybe on that. Theres not much you can do to keep people from pirating items from games. You can make it harder to steal by encrypting it and such but once the encyrption is cracked your items are there to steal then reupload. How do you think people are stealing items from other games to sell on sl?

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