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Monday, July 15, 2019


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This conforms nicely to the old rule which states "if an article title takes the form of a yes or no question, the answer is definitely no."

sirhc desantis

I can think of 535 reasons why the Lab should keep away from this.


Allow me to share the underlying fear from the federal government with this link from the FinCEN page that goes into more detail.


Yet again facebook is screwing up good things to try and control people and take from other services available online. Linden labs had been around for nearly 2 decades with second life, and their currency exchange market mostly supplies content creators and artists a revenue from customers for their hard work with various projects involving coding and prim/mesh 3d modeling. Things that take training and a lot of time to produce.

Wagner James Au

"low me to share the underlying fear from the federal government with this link from the FinCEN page that goes into more detail."

What specific passage from that long document are you referring to?


I wonder if this bill will affect LL? Virtual currency then being converted to USD... this can be a tricky thing and LL has been doing for like you said almost 2 decades. But then again does LL make that much 25 billion? Maybe not so it would be the BIG DOGS like Facebook that would.

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