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Tuesday, July 09, 2019


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sirhc desantis

150 still above my paygrade - well 15 is some weeks:) Thanks for the honest take on it.
Just realised - Superdata (who makes these names up) is part of Nielsen. A few years back I would have been curious enough to have checked, now I will treat all their 'forecasts' as I do all of the parents.

Adeon Writer

I noticed the potential for a misunderstanding here, so sorry if you already know this, but the oculus quest actually has no connection to your smart phone at all you could be on opposite sides of the planet it’s completely standalone and doesn’t rely on your phone beyond the initial registration,

Clara Seller

Honesty is really an amazing thing. A 20-30 minute escape even sounds appealing. It's reasonable. There's a lot of useful things that could be built around that.

It's madness to start the conversation with building a world around that. The hype was so obnoxious and wasteful.

Wagner James Au

"it’s completely standalone and doesn’t rely on your phone beyond the initial registration"

Yeah good point -- I meant I appreciated being able to do the set-up process through my phone as opposed to having to poke in my account/payment/etc. info while in VR. (I also initially assumed it streamed some content via bluetooth but looks like that's not the case.)

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