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Monday, July 15, 2019


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Annie Brightstar

Yes, John C is right, there are other sims and clubs teetering on the brink.
For example, I believe Euphoria - Alice in Wonderland, formerly Dysphoria, a sim which featured in a Berry Singh video https://strawberrysingh.com/2018/10/04/exploring-second-life-alice-in-wonderful-on-euphoria/ has just days left despite the best efforts of the owners.

Lawrence Celestalis

I strongly disagree: it's not because LL for ages had no real policy to make things sustainable for talented and technically gifted artists, that they need to keep being wrong and lose more good artists (if there are any left beyond Djehan Kidd). This makes no sense at all.


If a sim is self sustainable with rentals, let it be, it's already enough that SIMs costs are outrageously high but stopping a SIM with such an artistic set up from being break-even makes absolutely non sense, LL are shooting themselves in the foot. I dont think Hangars' creator is asking to be "preserved" but to simply be allowed to live off her rentals fees. Therefore John C's point is not only cynical but bluntly irrelevant.

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