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Tuesday, July 09, 2019


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Jules Catlyn

I truly don't see what all the fuss is about. That is my personal opinion though.

sirhc desantis

Questions we had were answered last week so nope - no change. Premium going up was more of a wrench but sorted. Still, fuelled the old forum for a bit. Amazing how the panic spreads - almost as if the Tilia logo magically appeared just like that....

Unless something else changes. :)

Adeon Writer

I will no longer cash out. Too much noise, too big of a cut, too many hoops. That means I will always have Linden dollars on my account, which probably means I’ll never need to buy them either.

Blaise Glendevon

No change. I'm strictly a consumer, and it doesn't look like the process of buying $L is going to change at all.

Phil Metalhead

I'm glad some folks are finally realizing that this only affects those who cash out. That said, I'll probably be putting less in because I don't want to go through all this hassle to cash out; I'll just be more conservative with the L$ I earn, so I always have enough from in-world sources, and if I don't, I'll just have to wait.

Before, I'd put money in every so often and spend the L$ as I wanted, because I could always cash out later if I accumulated too much (and it was a nice sort of backup fund if I needed a bit of USD in a pinch). I suppose some day I'll end up cashing out anyways, but I'm going to let Tilia mature a bit and make sure it doesn't easily/quickly get compromised before I trust them with that much personal info.

Wilhelmina Hinchcliffe

I have a small marginally successful SL business. I don't earn enough that I bothered cashing out before other than once a year to pay for web hosting, so over the years a fair amount of L$ had piled up.

I'm guess that I'm just a roll of Reynold's away from tin foil hat-ery because when the "show us your papers" rule was announced I figured "time to cash out the bulk now before the August 1 deadline". Of course when I tried to do so I got a show us your papers anyway so LL / Tilia apparently suck at Calendar.

I'm not bothered by LL having my personal information. But now that information is being shared with Tilia - which, yes is a wholly owned subsidiary of LL at the moment. But I know that most banks share - by "share" of course I mean "sell" - their customer's information to other organizations so I think it's safe to assume that Tilia will follow the same business practices.

And of course this is assuming that their security is top notch like Chase ( https://www.bankinfosecurity.com/chase-breach-affects-76-million-households-a-7395 ), Equifax (https://fortune.com/2018/09/07/equifax-data-breach-one-year-anniversary/ ) and the IRS ( https://www.cbsnews.com/news/irs-identity-theft-online-hackers-social-security-number-get-transcript/ ).

Yeah, I'm certain everything will be fine :)

Soda Sullivan

I selected "not sure" because for me, a lot is going to depend on how easy LL chooses to make the process for me. LL already has most of my "papers", because after my third or fourth payout to paypal, they flagged me and made me give them all sorts of information.

I have also been providing LL with information trying to simply age verify myself for OVER SIX MONTHS NOW.The latter task being a nightmare of confused yet oddly over confidant customer service people "doing their best" to help.

If I am told that LL already has all my info and can easily switch me over, then i will probably continue using the process as much as ever. I have no problem with the switch to Tiia because I figure it is as safe, or unsafe, as LL is with my information. If I am sent jumping through a lot of hoops by LL, and having LL wanting info about me that neither my credit union or Paypal have required, just to keep doing what I am already doing, I will probably back off and avoid the hassle. Therefore, I selected "I am not sure" because it is really going to be up to LL. Not optimistic, but foolishly hopeful.

Jeweliette Darkfold

My reply was Not sure, because as it stand I still need a firm yes or no regarding these "automatically created accounts". I THINK that they won't be able to create them if we don't agree to their TOS, if it doesn't apply to us. BUT I don't know for certain if these "wallets" are just another name for the accounts that were previously mentioned and the accounts will still be created. If they do actually create accounts for us then yes my use of lindens will change drastically, as I won't remain in SL if forced to have basically a Tilia bank account. If not, then my use of lindens likely won't change. If it is the latter then nothing really will change for me otherwise, it's just the Tilia bank processing my linden purchases, which has already been happening at least this past month. I just need a definitive for certain answer before I would know how my linden dollar usage would change or not.


I seriously believe one of two outcomes. Tilia will be forced by FinCEN to extract a percentage, (let's call it satoshis, for the sake of reference of scale and amount. We can thank Philip Rosedale for the loose definition of L$ as a cryptocurrency.), as tax on EVERY withdrawal. OR, eventually, FinCEN will declare SL to be nothing more than a game, and enforce a law reclassifying the Linden Dollar as an in game token with no default world value whatsoever. Either way, SL residents lose.

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