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Thursday, August 01, 2019


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It has always struck me that places such as SL are great places for older people to live their lives when RL has become limited. But Getting old myself, I now think this is what young people think old people should be doing. As you get older, the computer becomes much more of a nightmare. Your eyesight fails, you get tired quicker, you feel ill all the time, sitting in some chair staring at a screen seems less inviting. And the killer is, you know that what you really want is the RL you used to have, when you were younger. F..ck Virtual life, what you want is reality in the last few years you have left. I remember my father in the few years he had before he died would go sit in the sun as much as he could. If I had showed him a virtual world, even one that looked better than the real, he would have looked at me and smiled, like the elderly often do to the young. One day you will understand.

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