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Monday, August 26, 2019


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I have argued this for ages regarding LL. Forget the issue of what is better optimized for Second Life. My view is that no Linden should ever promote one brand over another. Imagine if a world leader made a choice of a particular brand and gave it special considerations? Just because he/she has connections or was better liked by that leader? An example, there is an event that has/had been subsidized and promoted by LL for a few years. They provided free mirror sims for them. For a number of years they were given a unique financial advantage that people had to compete against. This offers perks that are not an example of free trade. More like an example of how to build Russian style Oligarchies.

Clara Seller

LL has been driving on this road for a long time and, of course, this is where it ends up.

SL feels less diverse than Cylons these days. LL is promoting the Six and completely ignoring the Sharons and D'Annas. It's so unfair.


Well said, Soda!


Stop your crying and just leave second life if you don’t like it.there are other worlds out there you can go to.its not like you Don’t have a choice.

David Cartier

President Trump rides around in a Cadillac, talks about what a great car it is; and yet you don't see people running out to buy Cadillacs. Subaru certainly never cries foul. I saw it more as Linden Lab recognising the success of Catwa, than actually promoting them. Why is it that nobody gets all ruffled when Patch Linden wears recognisable designs? Perhaps because Lindens are encountered about as often as is the Blessed Virgin Mary. We always need remember that a lot of users haven't a single goddamned clue who Catwa is or does - or Ebbe Altberg, either, for that matter.



We don't have a choice. SL is SL, it's completely unique.


We don't get ruffled because A) no one ever sees them and B) no one dares to tell them in their face in SL... or do you walk up to a Linden and tell him his stuff is shit? I would. Not exactly like that but i'd tell him why its shit, if it is shit but then again i don't fear the Lindens, they are humans just like anyone else and if you talk to them they will either ignore you (because they are busy) or they will talk with you just like any other person.


Now that BOM (Bakes on Mesh) is being released, things should improve.
We have to wait for 3rd party viewers to catch up and makers to release compatible updates.
However, a BOM version of a mesh body, without the "onion layers", would have much fewer triangles already.
Also, instead of downloading multiple separated textures per part (for each onion layer), you will download a single "baked" one per part, like the legacy avatar. It is as simple as to wear the old layers and it's more user-friendly than appliers HUDs. A con would be for example women shirts (in reality they don't follow your breast like a body paint) or if you want to add materials to stockings, but Altamura already showed a solution, by offering a separated stockings optional to wear.
Heads are especially terrible as they tend to have many layers: skin, hair-base, brows, eye shadows, lipstick, blush, tattoo and more.
Large adoption will likely take a while, but BOM heads, bodies etc should really improve the situation quite a bit.


"Stop your crying and just leave second life if you don’t like it.there are other worlds out there you can go to.its not like you Don’t have a choice"
An there we have it, the LL currant ethic and strategy in a nutshell.
I guess everyone who starts working for the company starts all bright eyed and bushy tailed and gradually over time they realize that this let it be attitude is the chosen way.
I don't think it is even done with any bad thought at all, or even any awareness of doing it.
It is most likely true that everyone there loves old SL and does what it takes to keep it ticking over.
I mean they obviously need SL to support Sansar for a start.
It is just an unthinking, lazy, laid back strategy that has always appeared to work for them. It works because there are people in SL who are doing their work for them in keeping the place alive. And I would definitely include the mesh body and head makers amongst, if not foremost in this category. It's a sort of, don't rock the boat attitude, or we may have to do a lot more work than we really want to on what we see as the old fading project. Just think about updates and improvements to the basics in SL or even little treats. They are so few and far between that they almost do not exist. And us SL'ers, just except this almost none existent improving of the platform, as if those poor old hard working LL people are doing their best. Look at any other major company that runs a game or a virtual world and you see them killing themselves to improve their platform and get new people. Does it feel that way with LL? I cannot recall ever hearing someone from LL saying how worrying it is that people are leaving. They just assume the place will run till it dies, and that's good enough. "If you don't like it leave" That is just how it feels. Trouble is, right now there is alternative. I wish for all the world that Sine Space was SL, because the people there strike me as really knowing how to run a virtual world. But it just is not the same. If you think that there is anything like SL out there then you most likely have no idea at all what makes SL what it is, and why it is not already dead. But it is dying, that you can feel.

United we Fall

Hammy oh Hammy,these bait articles should be offered with something other then cheese or peanut butter, It's tasting somewhat suspicious while nibbling here, maybe it's a trap! =)

will hamlet strike down my comment again?

2020- Year of the Coup D'Etat™
Di*ided we Stand™
United we F*ll™


The cylons comment above speaks to me—A vast majority of female avatars are the same on SL. It's an army of cylons with Maitreya bodies and Catwa heads and all the lag that comes with them.

Unfortunately, people flock to them because they have all the clothing, and thus clothing makers flock because they have all the market.

The only solution is for creators to take steps to not cater exclusively to those brands and to actually adopt other models, critique them, etc.

If you could get better bodies and heads for less with better clothing choices, what would you choose for your new avatar?

Soda Sullivan

I just wanted to state for the record that I am sure Ebbe Linden is a very nice, intelligent and virile person who has full use of all his faculties.


Hammy oh Hammy, Just say what you think when asked. That is the name of the game. And don't pretend to be so f..c..g clever :))))))

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