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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


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Divided We Stand

You are Incorrect™

Roblox™ is not at all in competition with SecondLife™ and never has been, it has faced competition from Linden Lab™ with it's half hearted child friendly mobile product known as Blocksworld™ that in itself is a very successful product that even now offers a viewer for PC.

You rarely mention Blocksworld™ when it has a million active users vs half a million in SL™ and a whopping average of 75 users in Sansar™

Divided We Stand™
United we Fall™


Yes, Sansar is even worse than that: 70+ are peaks during events (even 160) that happen once in a while, but if you log in any other day and hour, you can hardly count more than 40 people online in the Atlas and typically the average is about 20.
This pattern is similar to the one High Fidelity had. It means the platform per se still fails to retain an active and sizable resident user-base, while extra visitors come only occasionally, attracted by secondary factors.

High Fidelity had creative capabilities and many other interesting features, but it didn't took off for various other issues (many of which you can read among Steam reviews). So creativity tools alone aren't everything, but shifting the focus away from in-world shared building and leaving it in the dust until it became mostly obsolete didn't help Second Life for sure.

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