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Monday, August 19, 2019


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if it's between two adults, who cares, really? does it affect anyone else? and how is ANY form of kinkplay illegal between LEGAL, CONSENTING ADULTS?

if people like feet, that's on them. if people like to pretend to be children, who is anyone to say they shouldn't?

(for the record, i'm not into it. i just hate it when other people try to force people into not doing what they like, as ironic as that may be - people have a right to be free, no?)


It is in the privacy of your own home.

SL is not your private home even if you think you own a ¨private¨home or sim, is it Curly sue?

Try reading more.


Thier was a sex trafficing law in the united states just last year and many sites was told many things was not allowed new rules began.

Kake Broek

1st fundamental issue: Why can men flaunt their chests openly in public but women can't walk around topless in the same way on Orientation Islands?



the problem is that there are actual people behind some of the avatars that are jailbait like aged 16 or younger and you never know do you? Think about that....


What people need reminding of, is that Second Life and Sansar are services provided by Linden Lab. They control the servers, so they make the rules. And the rules comply to every local law that these services are provided in. Common sense says that unless you control the server(s), it's probably gonna fry you up the road if you partake in forbidden fruit.

Arwyn Quandry

The fact that there's people in these comments openly arguing for their right to depict sexual activity with children is disturbing. Argue all you want about "childlike appearances" in the babygirl community, they will tell you their avs are 18+ and portray themselves as such, even if some claim they look younger. That some of you want the ability to pretend to rape kids is awful. There's no arguing about that. Be ashamed of yourselves.


its disturbing that anyone would find age play in sexual nature ok in any world!! It not something that should even be a question right or wrong, it wrong period. Any woman/man that agrees that this behavior is your right needs to be banned


I have read a few articles by pedophiles explaining how their attraction is innate, comparing it to any other orientation. However, the analogy to the LBGTIQA community ignores the issue of agency and consent. Sex with a minor is an act of violence against children. It is not consensual and can never be consensual, so it is always rape and always wrong.

I do empathize and wish we treated pedophilia as a mental illness, helping people to find better ways to control their criminal attraction to children before they damage them. It would be better if a person who is attracted to children could come forward before they damage anyone and seek therapy and guidance. Unfortunately, we don't really know how to treat pedophilia to "cure" it, but isn't that partly because we don't try, we prefer to punish.

I read "Mothers of Sparta" by Dawn Davies whose son, while still a child himself was discovered to be a pedophile and sociopath. She and her husband are doing all they can to prevent him from doing harm, but their pain is immeasurable. In the title essay of her book, she contemplates being like a Spartan mother, killing her unfit son for the good of the community. She makes it clear his compulsion is uncontrollable for him, that they have to restrict his access to everything.

While I think we must do better to help pedophiles not to give in to their attraction, that does not mean we can allow thm to damage children .

Anonymous SL Roleplayer

I'm against ageplay in the lifestyle online and in real life as well. Its sickening because i wont mess with anyone that is into that sickening gross type of BS. Its illegal no matter what. Doesn't matter if its a game its still pedophilia.

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