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Friday, August 23, 2019


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The new landing zone is nice. Other than that, the interface is about the same for me.


The functionality seems pretty great. The colors though I find gaudy and offputting. As a creator, I'd like a more neutral UI that recedes beneath my own themes rather than one pointedly Sims-like layered ontop an entirely different vibe I'm trying to create.

Case in point, this blog covered Hangars Liquides a lot lately. Imagine this UI slapped ontop of visiting that sim or seeing this UI's colors in videos or screenshots ontop of that type of sim.

For all I know though there's a way to switch theme colors. I hope there is to something more neutral. Or even better let creators dictate UI colors and other details.

Functionally though this looks great. Colors/theme its very restrictive and clashes with everything 'cept Sims-like experiences.

Adam Frisby

Hiya Seph

Yes - the colours are a bit distinctive right now (partly that's because we want it to be usable by people with vision issues - high contrast works well for that audience), however we're in the process of adding the UI scheme to settings so we can tone it down for some people.



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