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Monday, August 12, 2019


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Minethere Always

Recently I've decided to more into a nice assisted living center here in texas, using my laptop it's easier to just play the Sims.

Long live the free metaverse folks!


Has anyone seen Sanjunipuro, the Black mirror episode. At face value it seems like, yes this is what we want. When I get old I want the choice to go on living in a virtual world where I can be what I want to be, live at a time I want to live, be with people I choose to love, forever! This is basicly the heaven myth, re told for a digital world. Medieval peasants, and medieval minds of or present time, had and have this this extremely childish belief. It makes real life seem bearable for what seems like the vast majority, who's lives are still a form of slavery based on the need for money.
But think about it. All that we as human animals hold dear is only so because of its transitory nature, it's fragility in the face of time. Take away that fragility, and you take all worth with it.
Death is the saviour of love, of worth, of life. But I am sure machine minds will one day achieve it.
But feeling loving creatures will by then be long gone. Be careful of what you wish for. Who want's to live forever.

Emeraldmist Nightfire

I am 60+ and can talk more freely about what I do in RL with my SL friends than what I do in SL with RL friends and family. Those closest to me know I'm in SL, they just don't understand it :)


66 content developer 💗 love second life since 2009.

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