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Monday, August 26, 2019


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sirhc desantis

Paging Ilan Tochner....


ANY company in the 3D/VR space has been watching the poster child called Linden Lab as they get their asses kicked by the US feds. Who, by the way, really didn't do as much wrong as they've been accused of as far as harbouring money launderers, in my opinion.

You're polite in mentioning Disney and Warner Bros. The bigger, background issue is the IP theft of dozens of characters of the Japanese anime studios. If one of the media moguls does buy VRChat, they will basically shut it down for a week or so to sort out the claims. It's the only way I can see them addressing the issue.


I actually think they're going to be just fine as a platform provider, vrchat themselves do not provide any copywritten content to the system in any way shape or form, people upload it. Just as it's not illegal to post a picture of winnie the pooh, uploading and embodying a fan made avatar derivative work can be assumed as fair use, especially if the individual user is not profiting directly from it.
Neither is or will vrchat profit from those things, and they already comply with dmca takedown notices when they get them. I expect the monitization will be universal things like floating/snapping accessories that work on every avatar, additional user powers and features like expanding world and favorites lists. I assume much like youtube, content added to the system and later monetized will be investigated closely, and tools will be provided for copyright holders to issue takedowns. It's really as simple as publishing a site with accessory/world/avatar thumbnails. A simple perusal of that by any copyright holder for people monetizing their content fixes this problem, especially if VRChat warns uploaders that participate in these profit sharing programs can bring the full force of the law for breaking it, since they'll pass your real name onto the holder.
As a platform, everything else falls under fair use or is not directly monetized and therefore fine.
If this wasn't the case, sites like facebook, 4chan, reddit and other places COULD NOT exist, as people post images and video clips of copywritten characters to those and all other websites daily.

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