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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


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Actually, I'd be surprised if Horizon didn't use Libra as its currency. The last unofficial price I heard for the Quest was $400. I won't be trying Horizon anytime soon.

Fizik Baskerville

Anything that gets between you and the experience is a barrier. Vive La Second Life.


This article seems to imply that second life actually gives a shit about your PC specs. On my monster it runs at 20fps despite only using 7% CPU and 15-20% GPU unless I'm in an empty sim and uncap fps to let it get to 180 and suck down 60% GPU but it still can't use 100% the way a real modern game engine can.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra


You try finding a game from 2000 that still runs as intended. And if you want to floor the pedal that hard on your GPU and get ace performance... use Black Dragon like all the graphics nuts do on SL. That viewer breaks compatibility with basic legacy shaders just to try making a hash of SL's unoptimized content.

sirhc desantis

Well, I do like the little planes and as I knock out the odd vehicle for SL/OS I can see the appeal of avs with no legs. (Seriously, if I can walk around in SL it can't be all that difficult).
Apart from that? At least the little text admitting 'Not actual VR footage' is refreshingly honest.
So yep adds to the 'if I find the kit in a dumpster I might' list. Except its FB so nope. Satan sharpens skates level nope.


This will never fly. However I predict Suckerberg will outsmart Altberg in when to pull the PLUG...

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