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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


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Soda Sullivan

There definitely ARE a lot of questions posted under the interview, also a lot of comments. You are right, many are absurd.(No. Ebbe can not help you find your lost stuff.) Interesting how many questions come from the tech industry OUTSIDE of SL.

Ebbe, certainly seemed comfortable doing the interview. Maybe it is something he should try to do every month, or at least every 90 days or so? He could even wear a different beanie for each interview. It would certainly help build a lot of confidence with residents.

Playing devil's advocate, I doubt Ebbe, or anyone at SL would be interested at LL would be interested in doing this on a regular basis if the first question going to be: "When is BLANK going to be done?" or "Why is there so much sex in SL!" or "How is that lawsuit going?" I would THINK the CEO has more important things to do than answer questions that have been asked and answered a dozen times.

Better then Ezra

agreeing with Soda, maybe at least a twice yearly update from our linden daddy would be appropriated.

Yes prices are too high, the higher surcharge for buying lindens is stupid considering buying $5 in lindens with charge is $6.50 considering so many in SL are retired,disabled or live in a country with a very low living rate.

Homesteads should cost no more then $75 and full regions no more then $150 and owning a homestead should not require owning a full region!

We all know our linden tax's are not going to upgrading SL but sunk into Sansar. where are our promised mirrors in SL? ...yes several years later still stuck in a JIRA... i digress!


@Sheriff Tayler What an unkind thing to say!


Wagner, why are you surprised? It's on Youtube, people will post comments forever if commenting is allowed. Videos that are *years* old get comments.
I had a comment a couple of days ago on a video I posted NINE years ago!
At least it shows people are interested :)

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