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Friday, September 13, 2019


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Susan Wilson

Well, at least someone will make a few dollars in Sansar.


The real joke here is no one can touch or play with the big boobies and butts in Sansar! LMFAO!!
NOT Now or Anytime in the near Future! LMFAO!!

Iggy 3.0

I'm with JoooonCeeeee on that one. after all, we know Sansar is going to stay corporate focused with a strict PG environment, pretty much sums it up you can look, but never touch it.

I find it funny companies like linden lab who's majority of workers are of the LGBTQ identifying type how they obsesses with ideas of gender,free love & identity that they approve of in there own personal lives, however for the rest of us they just want to create a sterile world free of natural desires to promote Philip Lindens vision of trans-humanism in our lives. Do as i say, not as i do vision

Sansar is just full of all kinds of jokes after being in beta going on ATLEAST 6 years of development with us just now being able to cosplay as Thelma Harper

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