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Friday, September 06, 2019


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Chic Aeon

I so look forward to seeing the comments here.

Meanwhile, good to warn folks this is an EXPERIENCE in an ADULT region .

I don't partake in experiences so I didn't finish my journey.

That being said, I think a FAR MORE FAIR test would be to have folks go "as they always do" in what attire they normally wear (for me that is under 50,000 almost always but the idea is to compare to people's norm, not make whole new rules which leads to the "apples" and "oranges" problem.

I agree that mesh and textures are often way too heavy (and getting worse instead of better), just not so sure this is a fair "test" as presented :D.

Will be watching.


Great job! :) Sometimes I wished Linden Lab pointed at Penny's blog. I'm very glad to see her back and active here.

@Chic: yes, but I think the purpose here is to see the difference that makes an optimized place. If you have avatars that hit your performances significantly already, your testing will be masked and biased by that and you won't be able to compare the difference accurately. Especially if there are many avatars around that do the same. If you are alone, maybe the impact won't be huge, but still...
It's like you want to weight a basket of apples, but someone keeps adding oranges over them.
The advice to keep the drawing distance low enough, in order to not be affected by unoptimized skyboxes around there, has a similar reasons.
Still you could test it with both: a legacy avatar and then our pretty pile of attachments, textures and tris :D


This. THIS is exactly what i'm talking about.

I went there to see it myself and i was getting 40 FPS minimum everywhere i went, deferred, shadows, ssao, volumetric lighting, ssr, everything on and with an almost 9 year old AMD FX now. That is pretty respectable. The place also looks very nice and even with quite a bunch of animesh around i've never seen my framerate hitch at all. I've made some quick pictures there too and checked wireframe as well.

The place doesn't look like any of the latest triple A titles but it really doesn't have to. It looks quite nice and unlike most of SL doesn't look like 2007 garbage cobbled together. The lighing is decent, lots of material usage, the texture usage was decently low and it was perfectly used to mask all the super low poly models around.



I'm quite happy with what i saw and i wish this would be more common. SL could be so much faster and look nicer too.

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