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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


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Adeon Writer

The maximum triangle count for an avatar in VRChat is 70,000. For the whole avatar. (The recommended 32,000 or under). This is not even remotely seen as a creative restriction by normal 2D creators. It's an entirely fair "sanity check".

That bracelet, just the bracelet, is 178,000 triangles.

Let that sink in.

 Adeon Writer from Osgrid

In opensim we really have no limits on what we can do to our avatars.

Han Held

Why Optimization Matters: Even One Bracelet Can Drastically Hurt Frame Rate

Lemme flip this around:

So you spend $X time optimizing your textures, go out to an event and everyone's wearing the latest maitreya and event clothing, making your optimizations moot.

When it comes to SL and SL based worlds, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tragedy_of_the_commons increasingly is the primary paradigm you have to consider. IE "if idiots can fuck something up, idiots will fuck it up"

I humbly suggest that your time...that all of our time...can be better spent doing something else.

Madeline Blackbart

@adeon Opensim definitely does have limits on what you can do but not in the same sense SL does. The limits is in what the server it's on can handle. The server can only handle having some many connections and people downloading from it at the same time. Hugely un-optimized stuff like this creates large files to download. That's not ideal for the hosting server.
On top of that Framerate issues is an issue that starts when the users computer struggles to process all of this render intensive stuff. 10 people wearing stuff like this is going to cause poor framerates in SL or Opensim doesn't matter.

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