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Monday, October 14, 2019


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sirhc desantis

Personally, I would love to never ever be hired by the Lab. There, nice and balanced =^^= Both sides eh?


Linden Lab, please hire a dev who has contributed to the community! I would love for this to happen for you Tonya.


If anything, SL should occasionally throw a teammember or two at the Opensim codebase. Kind of like a show of good will.

Bavid Dailey

If Linden Labs were to take over the Firestorm viewer, they'd break it. Corporations do things differently to how volunteer groups do. Nothing kills developer enthusiasm better than meetings. I have no direct knowledge of how the Firestorm team works, but I hazard a guess that there a minimal number of meetings. Also, Firestorm volunteers know that they are focused on a clear objective. Corporations tend to have other agendas, and upper management tends to change agendas without consultation, right of appeal - or much logic in many cases. Don't kill the goose that lays golden eggs.Perhaps toss them some gold filings from time to time....

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