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Monday, October 21, 2019


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Shug Maitland

"Linden Lab being totally dependent on non-profit volunteers"
Pretty much a summation of Second Life overall. Yes, Linden Lab provides the platform but "Second Life" is almost totally user-generated! When the Lab has tried to assume control it has always been an unmitigated disaster!

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Ay fricking man, Shug. Sometimes the only thing the gardener can do after watering the soil and purging the weeds is to stand back and let things grow as they do.


"When is Linden Lab going to throw the Firestorm team an all-expenses-paid Thank You party at Linden's HQ in San Francisco?" The absolute least thing they can do. It should be a hell of a lot more! I'm guessing they drop more in just advertising costs. And the positive publicity in the game mags alone would make up for it with prestige.

Amanda Dallin

Shrug is right.
"Linden Lab being totally dependent on non-profit volunteers"
has always been Linden Lab's business model.


Look at what Linden Lab did to the birthday celebrations. They took it from a volunteer group who had put it together for years and in the process took 'community' out of 'community celebration'


i am not sure that is any reason for Linden to take over Firestorm or any other TPV

the point of open sourcing the viewer code was to bring about the situation there is today

a plethora of people, with different and competing wants, contributing to the code base

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