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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


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sirhc desantis

Coo, wish I had known about the money making chances in that valve place, I would have redirected my savings for a group premium :) (I am not allowed one because reasons). OK, it is valve so probably bollox..

OK, job interview goes
Generic TechBro Interviewer : (blah blah )how would you deal with (blah)
Bloke in ill fitting suit : 'nice scam you have here, shame if anything was to happen to it'
Interviewer : Interesting - your views on compliance?
Bloke : '75% skim or we send in the heavies'
Interviewer : Congrats you are hired:)

Odd really as I still trust the Lab to do it right.

PS your link back to that 2007 piece was a blast - I was involved (very minorly) in the case against the Prof cited in later years. (CTC ruling CSJ Ontario)

Susan Wilson

Money laundering in Sansar? That's pretty funny. Does anybody even cash out?


They already have compliance analysts. This is just an additional headcount they is looking for.

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