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Thursday, October 17, 2019


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This is absolutely fascinating. I’ve often thought that economies in MMOs were an interesting representation of different ways that economics can work. This is a fantastic endorsement for Yang and a really unique and valuable perspective. I hope Yang gets with Phillip to brainstorm.


I always suggest to look up and read the book Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. Especially when it comes to ideas as described in the article above.

Clara Seller

Good for Phillip. I find him a very frustrating character sometimes, but this is a good place for his visionary spirit. I'd love to see Philip and Yang in a discussion.


Not sure I'd take any recommendation from Phil considering how blindly he appeared to ignore the HF communities needs for almost a half decade.

sirhc desantis

Interesting read (after firing up the 'sod cookie' browser to read Medium - wot Phil can't afford a real blog?) and to be honest the UBI thing is fun. Long string to .gov allowed retail shops (hello GUM!) to annoy as well.

But - 'transparent reporting of money supply changes used to manage the Linden Dollar economy' do me a lemon matey. Total Hotspur that is. (hey even your own link goes back 2 years on the money side).

Still have a problem with Saint Phil and its focus on wanting to know all about everyone ('people have to be identity-verified'). Sod that.

But in the US favour - between Yang and the woowoo crystal person and yer combat Tulsi - def value for money on the loon front. Hell, you all (hmm might have that wrong) will probably elect one. Again.

Blaise Glendevon

@sirhc desantis - Was this supposed to be English?

Simple Lemon

Two hundred billion a month based upon current adult USA population paid from tax money, not freshly minted dollars. People become dependent upon this monthly money, its imbedded into their life and monthly expenses. Then the economy has a considerable downturn, and tax revenue goes way down because the top taxpayers are in an economic depression, and now the free money program is in the red. And on top of a nearly 30 trillion dollar debt the USA is now paying 200 billion inflationary dollars each month for yet another program that cannot be funded. We sell more government bonds that are continually diminishing in value to help pay the government expenses, but programs have to be cut, so against public outcry the free money does not get cut, they cut infrastructure like roads, bridges, electrical grids, gas lines, public services, and America continues on its path of decay. Great idea, free money. Wow.


the Second Life 300L weekly stipend is not free. It is paid for in USD by the account holder

some of the early adopters do get a 50L weekly stipend for free. If this was sustainable then every new account since would be getting it

UBI is a new label put on what is known as a negative tax system and is nothing special or ground-breaking really. Example first $12,000pa is tax-free. Every person who earns less than $12,000, including zero, gets topped up to $12,000pa

most western countries practice this in one form or another already: Tax deductibles + welfare payments to low income people

UBI is basically icing



UBI results in a quite regressive tax system. More regressive than the current tax systems

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