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Monday, October 07, 2019


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Susan Wilson

The Lab should have made a Second Life 2.0. It would have been better received. Sansar can look beautiful with it's PBR materials but there isn't much next generation about it. Even after their recent redesign, the avatars are still way better in SL.

Adeon Writer

"Second Life 2" is what Sansar is. It's just that LL didn't understand what is most important to SL players (in-game avatar kitbashing & live collaborative world creation). Because they didn't know this is what people find most important in Second Life, they omitted it in Sansar.

Fuku Shima

I think that most people are missing the bigger picture. These Sansar experiments have laid waste to Newton's third law of action vs reaction. We now know it is possible to funnel vast amounts of resource and energy through Linden Lab development and dispirit it into a completely inert substance with no mentionable consequence.

The "Sansar Effect" may end up being one of the most important discoveries in combating our problems with nuclear waste. Who would have ever thought that you just needed to bore it to death?


10 thumbs up to @Fuku Shima

sirhc desantis

Reckon @Fuku should be up for the next Nobel for Physics


is a little bit nuts to be arguing that a game with 200 users is more successful than a game with 20. Nuts in the wider context

is a bit like a political candidate getting 200 votes in an election, telling another candidate who got 20 that they are 10 times less/more successful. When to win the election the candidate who did win had to and did get 60,000

Wagner James Au

Rec Room has 200 peak CONCURRENT users on STEAM. Monthly users are probably in the 5-6 figures overall:


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