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Wednesday, October 02, 2019


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After recent events I just want Linden Lab to maintain the platform for me to use & quietly leave me alone.


Yeah I'm pretty damn sure actual fascists don't play Second Life. I'm with Alex here; just maintain the damned grid, deal with people doing ACTUAL harm (the block and derender buttons exist, people), and leave players alone.

Trex Calamity

Not meaning to sound self righteous, but When I hear anti semitism or hate talk in SL, I will confront the player directly before blocking or reporting. Even if it's a troll, I don't give a s&$t about some idiot's fascist view. And shining light on hate talk is ok. Better even is public ridicule. Satire is always the dagger in a fool's heart.

Magic Puff

This explains why you have deleted negative comments about linden lab recently..those comments were critical but not abusive in anyway just opinionated. this is a fact hamlet i seen dozens of them before you removed them in the article about the lawsuit against linden lab recently.

Now we know what biased direction you will be taken for now on..keep comments about linden lab squeaky clean while in the narrative!

Maybe I will just start my own blog if you plan on keeping things swept under the rug .

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