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Tuesday, October 08, 2019


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Adra Braeden

Hello ,
I wanted to drop a comment with a thanks from me , Adra Braeden , for your kind words and love for the work and art I make with Second Life avatars. I've seen that you've mentioned me kindly before in an article but I'm truly flattered by your words and hope that my list of pictures will keep growing bigger , better and stronger.
I love how you mention that it's always Halloween and dark in my stream a whole year because it's very true. Also is it true that I try , at times , to push a more colorful picture in my stream by my love goes strongly for the dark ones , the more sinister ones.
Again , thank you for your support , kind words and this beautiful article for my work and that on my favorite time of the year...Halloween. 🎃 👿 👻
Beautiful writing , love how you share your view on them and how you see the details. Thanks 😊
Best Regards , Adra Braeden

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