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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


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I sit in that group all day working on my own stuff, and I have never seen the comments you are claiming other than misunderstandings that designers will eventually add alphas

Just no

...A crappy rant too. Might be time to find a new blog that knows what they are saying.


What are you kidding me?
No man this not right.


Unless you're logged in 24x7 you aren't going to see all the stupid rants in a group. But it is a fairly pointless rant.
No one has to make their own alphas. Plenty of people are making or giving away alphas that will work in most cases for your clothes of different bodies, the same way they worked for multiuse cases for fitmesh and standard body shapes.An alpha for a pair of pants or a jacket will generally work with another pair, mix and match, try and see. I've got alphas coming out of my ears that can fit most things and there's always adjusting a body shape. A lot of people forget that. Perhaps this is just a Slink thing? Maitryea users are still waiting to update but are still using Bakes on Mesh with a relay successfully.

Sim crossing varies by region and weekly updates. Seems to be better or worse day by day and always has done. It's still WAY better than years ago. There's been a lot of improvements in Secondlife and while I'm critical myself on occasion and agree it's far from perfect it's still better than it has been in the past.
Would anyone want to go back to how things were in 2009-10?


I agree with Mondy. There is also who used to sell clothing already with alphas before BoM, for the various mesh bodies plus classic mesh/fitmesh sizes. So it isn't really anything new for clothing designers to add alphas in the box. And it is much easier to use than messing up with alpha HUDs or auto alpha slices that work but sometimes don't and you have to wear the outfit again. Also for designers there is more creative freedom with BoM, as they are no longer constrained by the limited shapes of the alpha slices. Not to mention that with BoM you can save the outfit with the alphas in your normal saved outfits window.

As for Maitreya Lara, that body in the current state doesn't work well with Bakes on Mesh: you can change skin and tattoos, but that's all, alphas don't work on it. Being not mod you couldn't even fix it. You have to wait for an update... and BoM has been released 2 months ago, and it is on Firestorm since 1 month ago. Since Lara is the most popular body, it is delaying the adoption and giving a completely wrong idea about how to use BoM. Some people think it is complicated and needing HUDs, while in fact it is as simple as changing skin or dressing the classic avatar.


This guy hates everything about Linden Corp and SL and claims to be a fan. Major whiner. Yes he called it a rant. Starts his blog post with a picture from SL viewer and a "Third party" viewer. What is the most used viewer? Firestorm. Did they adopt BoM already? YES. so the article Loses all credibility. More people use Firestorm than anything. Its like whinging that your web site doesn't work on some random Mozilla web browser that .01% of people use when it works on Chrome. Firefox and Internet explorer. Dude is a dope.


The economy is just not large enough to account for the resources an engine swap would require. LL is a small group, with very few programmers. They did bet on Sansar which has failed, I doubt they can do it again. The only thing left for LL to do is to force what's left of the SL users to Sansar and maybe patch up a way to migrate their assets to the new platform, maybe put together a semblance of a viewer that would run on macos and that's pretty much it.

Jolene Benoir

If Anon understood game engines, then they would know that nobody knows how to do that. It can't be done, period.


"Instead, why not add another engine into the viewer (say Unity with a back-end provided by Improbable), one that's associated with a new Second Life continent that only supports the latest and greatest in 3D graphics?" It's a nice experiment, if you could convince LL to do it. They just created a new continent, and that is their preoccupation. It's doubtful they're going to just willy-nilly create continents to test game engines. At least for public use. It would be easier to implement a choice of island sim creation using Unity as an option. This way, when it breaks, everything is local to the island, and easier to spot.

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