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Thursday, October 24, 2019


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Those numbers can't possibly be right.. Sorry, I don't buy your Quest estimate, those numbers are obviously WAY off, just play a cross-platform multiplayer VR game, and observe how every game is packed with Quest users, and then tell me it's only at 0.4 mil. lol
Anyone who buys a PSVR at this point, is buying significantly outdated hardware. The only reason to do so is if a PS4 is your only game processing device, and even then, standalone VR blows issue away. Point being, there is almost zero growth left for PSVR to do, and gamers are doing themselves a disservice if they miss out on better/cheaper hardware that does everything all in one device.
I've owned nearly every Oculus headset, going back to the DK1.. I've been playing mostly VR multiplayer games that whole time, with many being cross-platform multiplayer. In my experience with those types of multiplayer games, PSVR is falling away, and Quest is totally dominating the market.
Whatever numbers you're getting, they must be outdated, and significantly at this point. It's very obvious to gamers in the community, that the Quest is growing faster than any previous VR headset.


Iv'e considered the Quest as a a standalone device, but what puts me off is that I don't just want to play games but also run multi user environments like VRchat, Sansar , Sinespace etc and where they exist for Quest they're often cut down and have less features (generic robot avis in VRchat and PC only user areas) or, as in Sansar's case unable to be used because of storage or processing power on a standalone device. So, where I was excited by the Quest intitially, I still have to save for a new PC powerful enough AND a VR system that will run these environments. Fortunately for me, the cost of hardware is coming down and interest in VR is going up so it should cost less than a couple of years ago, or at least be a better experience in terms of 'bang per buck' for the same amount of money when I can replace my current setup

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