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Tuesday, November 05, 2019


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Timo Gufler

Roblox looks cool, but doesn't have Linux client...


Very interesting. It even rains! 1867 was fascinating in SL, even if the traffic wasn't high. In Sansar it felt kind of bare to me. I understand the disappointment too. With Roblox you can visit 1867 on your iPad too (or other mobile devices) and it works well. The Roblox version strongly reminds the previous iterations aesthetically. It's still a work in progress, but it looks like it's going to be fun and interactive.
Despite its age, Roblox is surely a good example of a successful creative social platform to create your own games (someone made hangout spaces too).

Orca Flotta

Timo Gufler said: "doesn't have Linux client..."

Well, how dare they? For me Roblox is ded! Even more dederer than Sansar which is also sans Linux support. :( I mean, for realzies now, compared to Sansar and Roblox Linux is pretty much established as the best server- and desktop operating system and has just the sort of users new worlds like Sansar and Roblox would need so badly.

Windows users are mostly clueless and useless assholes that serve no purpose but awesome Linux wonderpeople are what those new worlds need!

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