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Thursday, November 14, 2019


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Kim Baumann Larsen

You got this all wrong. The advancement of Artificial General Intelligence is paramount to moving VR forward so this is actually great news. Getting Carmack’s brilliant mind into AGI will be great. Furthermore you can’t pin the success or not of future development of Oculus VR and AR hw on one guy. There are many talented people at Oculus just not all that visible to us outside.

Wagner James Au

Maybe, but in his announcement, Carmack doesn't say anything about developing AGI for the sake of VR.

That also brings up a point about VR: There's always some barrier that supposedly stands in its way for mass adoption. It's the heavy headset, or the price, or the lack of content, or the nausea, etc. etc. But anytime any of these problems are addressed (and they have been), there's some *new* barrier that pops up. And AGI is a hell of a barrier!

pixels being sideways

Like when Michaelangelo died, so did art.

(big eye roll emoji)


What I'm "reading between the lines" is that Carmack feels constrained by the "corporate" culture a Facebook, one in which he's held back from working on truly next gen products.

Take the cancellation of the Rift 2, and all the work going into Oculus Link after it was decided not to put dedicated hardware in the Quest for connecting to a PC.

Carmack admits he's grumpy at work, which is a very good sign it's time to move on.

And with that in mind, given that he likely has a non-compete clause, what can he do?

What is the next most exciting computer and programming technology he could work on?

AI seems like the most obvious choice.

sirhc desantis

If ser Carmack can develop an AI that writes better bollox spam than old d_zone there, he gets a yay from me.

On the subject of barriers to mass adoption - still not going to spend a months rent on a single user toy that will be knacked within six months even if it gives birth to magik unicorns.

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