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Monday, November 25, 2019


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As many have said, I would pay if I could get exactly what I wanted. So a Custom name option would be preferable, unfortunately we now know it's gonna be a damn list again! They clearly don't learn, people stopped registration processes back in the day because they didn't want to pick from a list, which is why the Resident names were adopted. I agree it should be a separate payment,not just a Premium feature, but again, that's been decided.

Adeon’s Writer

I have no desire to change my name. But I feel like I should come from the “Linden Lab should be compared to VRChat” angle. So they allow a name change ever 3 months, for free. No subscription plans needed. Just a 3 month cooldown.

(It’s almost as if all of those server maintenance fees are completely made up)

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

There are a couple of names that date back to the earliest days of Second Life that should NEVER be considered at all for the limited list LL is proposing. Hitching their identity to something that was potentially going to vanish in under a year if things went bad at the time was a brave move, and we should respect that authenticity in some way or other.

Also to be kept off the list ideally: Any surnames firmly linked to recent politics or celebrities (figure anything in the past one to three decades), or known genocidal maniacs and dictators of any era should ever be considered.

Other than that, pretty much any surname that can be written in an Anglicised form and that does not come with an overly negative connotation should be allowed for consideration either in the initial release or future cycles.

We'll probably wind up with another CickMy Lunt anyway despite the best of intentions. Whatever the surname list ends up being, we should still keep an eye out for unfortunate name combos that cause genuine offense or celebrate undesirable deeds or people.

Summer Haas

"we should still keep an eye out for unfortunate name combos that cause genuine offense"

Why in the world would anyone waste their time being such a busy-body? Offence is taken not caused, genuine or otherwise. If you don't like something, block the person and move on with your life instead of falling into their trap and allowing them to control your actions and feelings. Letting the Lindens police their platform and minding your own business is a much better thing to do.

Iggy 1.0

Virtual Rip Van who logs in annually speaks up: I pay Premium for my little "Frank Lloyd Wrong" floating house, complete with artwork that is no-copy from friends who left SL.

Name? Change? No one can spell my current name, and if I changed it, I'd pick something equally silly. But it has none of those ridiculous characters newer players (I mean, Residents) put in to look more like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince (those of a certain RL age will recall when some of his called him "Squiggle" for his new "name").

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