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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


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Adeon Writer

You can’t make light go faster but you can make it travel a shorter distance. Basically what I’m saying is Google should make a smaller version of their servers that people can have in their own home and oops we just reinvented consoles

Still Adeon Writer

Also streaming services will never work for VR, even the 80 ms lag from wireless streaming from your router is enough to make people sick, forget getting it from a google server.

Healing Magnets

Stadia will be a huge success, they have unlimited resources remember?

du recorder apk

DU Recorder is an app that lets you record a video of whatever is happening in your Android’s screen. The best part is that once you’ve recorded the video you can also edit it using the an editing tool that’s been included in the app.

nox player

Nox Player is an Android emulator that lets you use almost any of this operating system's apps from the comfort of your own computer. We're talking about apps along the lines of Clash of Clans, Instagram, Subway Surfers, and Kitchen Stories.

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