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Thursday, December 05, 2019


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I think there's probably two things going on here.

One, yeah, is that it's VR and any VR game is gonna be handicapped in a popularity comparison with non-VR titles.

But the other thing is that 15 years is a really long time. While on the one hand, sure, anticipation for a new HL game has been building for 15 years, that's only true for us older (30+) gamers. Most younger people -- a huge chunk of the total game-playing population -- have never touched a Half-Life game. They don't have the nostalgia for the series that we do. I think a lot of games journalists, who mostly seem to be on the older side as well, often forget that. I would bet that even a proper Half-Life 3 would have an uphill climb today.

Wagner James Au

That could be, though OTOH, the Final Fantasy VII remake has much more buzz, and the original came out in 1997. Though to your point, videogame titles tend to have a longer shelf life than PC games.

In any case I'd be horrified if Kids Today are not playing Half-Life anymore! I'm gonna go bug my nieces and nephews to play HL2 at least.

TonyVT Skarredghost

Well, I agree that it is not the killer app of VR. But is letting VR have a lot of awareness, and that will facilitate VR spreading in the next years.

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