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Wednesday, December 18, 2019


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this wouldnt be a fair use , it in no way for an transformative purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody or even for educational use, the only purpose is for the creators to make money off a copyrighted item which is not far use at all. This would fail in court in at least 2 of the 4 factors. Factor 1 Transformative: being the purpose and character of your use, being you are taking a copyrighted figure to make Money. and Factor 3 Substantial of the Portion Taken, its a 100% copy of the copyrighted material with no changes. It's not a totally uncool interpretation of Fair use for Fan art. The creators are profiting off or have the potential to profit by cashing out on an copyrighted character. Fan Art is drawing your own interpretation of a character and posting it, not selling it for profit.IF i turn around a made my own Baby Yoda fan comic and sold it i would be sued to death by Disney and rightfully so. IN order to rightly create and sell a Baby yoda product in any medium one has to get remission from the copyright holder period.

Wagner James Au

Thanks for the background! Yes I was being sorta ironic about Disney having a totally uncool interpretation of Fair Us (i.e the accurate one).

Gingir Ghoststar

Someone's going to get sued by Disney. Plus these are files from a 3d print website.

S Valentine

LL already removed some

Ryan Schultz

Boy that didn't take long, did it?


This isnt fair use at all... the wrong message is being sent here to people already confused on infringement in sl.


The person worked on this for weeks. Stop hating.


To the person who blogged this. Did you get permission from the creator who
Took these photos?? I think you are going against copyright here!


Thinking back to a bygone era, I used to be a Trekkie. Once Paramount had secured the final rights to the Star Trek franchise, they systematically started to milk it for the cash cow it was. And ruthlessly litigating anyone that dared to create ANYTHING even remotely within the Trek universe that wasn't strictly canon nor licenced. To the point that the early fandom simply walked away from it. The fans of today's Star Trek franchise are sanitized clones featured exclusively by Paramount just to show the public, that could care less, that there is a ST fandom.

And now Disney has secured the final rights to Star Wars. I can predict that there will be a similar litigation bloodbath as Disney will now redefine Star Wars canon. Need evidence? Look at how quickly the debate started over Princess Leia entering the Disney royal family. In another generation, there will be no mention of anything that is not within the SW canon. No fanfics. And especially no fan created art that has not been properly licenced. Those people that buy the baby Yoda's now, need to copy them to a USB drive and smuggle them out of SL like Han Solo did in the Millennium Falcon. Especially with the Fed all cosily entrenched in SL's finances.


All you haters... why are you attacking?? I dont see you attacking the disney world park in sl... or all the mickey mouse shit you can buy.

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