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Friday, December 06, 2019


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Why do you keep pushing this piece of crap that nobody uses? You can take great pictures with any viewer. Without having to take a whole course. Is he paying you or something?

Blaise Glendevon

This is a pretty aggro response to a fairly helpful video. Yikes.

Cassie Middles

Haha, Well then. I do tutorial videos and have for all three viewers now. These two were my second and third time ever using black dragon. He also posted this after seeing me publish the videos. Would you prefer me to try in lumiya to offset this viewer having two videos on my channel? I'd also love it if you checked out my channel where I took photos in firestorm about 65 times.
Also, thank you blaise you wonderful commenter, you.

Madeline blackbart

Honestly cassie I'd love to see someone attempt to take pictures on lumiya that look decent. Can it even be done? Lol it's a good viewer but not for pics. I'd just ignore bittergirl...I mean tankgirl.



How about you show us something you've been building the past 7 years alone and we spit on it.

Also if i paid Hamlet for covering my Viewer, why haven't i paid you to shut up yet?

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