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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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"Why does ItsNotNoah have only seventy followers, especially when he includes a gyazo video of his editing process so you can follow the raw SL photo to the glorious final product? "

To me it seems pretty clear. He's clearly talented, way beyong my level at least but he's had his flickr for 3 years, got 88 followers at the time of my writing this and he's followed 1 person back! Almost every photo is in 2 or 3 groups, some in none and there are no tags. That's not the way to get followers.
But perhaps for him, it's all about the art and not about gaining followers anyway, which is how it should be. I know that everytime I get a follow from someone that turns out to be a blogger who has followed 5k+ people and only been on flickr a few months, but not faved any pics after following my stream, I can't help thinking, are they following me just to get another follower or because they *really do* like my pictures? I suspect the former.
I post to flickr for fun. If people like my pics then that's great! ItsNotNoah has gained another follower because his shots are awesome and I'm glad he was featured here. Maybe he'll get more followers, my view is he should, there's some comments by some really well known flickr content creaters on his stream. I hope so.

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Cinematography is all about the art of visual storytelling. Aside from skillfully operating a camera and setting up the lighting for every scene, it involves controlling what the viewer sees and how the image is presented to them — by choosing the right shooting techniques that best tell the story.

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