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Friday, December 20, 2019


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Clara Seller

Okay, this got my attention.

I've been in love with Daz 3D models for a long time and just love to browse their store to see what's available. The thought of actually getting to play with one in a virtual world is about the most exciting thing I've seen come around in awhile. I'm anxious to learn more about this. If this works out and develops, this could be a game changer for me.


Does Daz have to pay the 30% revenue split?

sirhc desantis

Daz eh? And theres me on the mailing list and not a word :) At least we know it will not be laggy - theres nobody on there to lag you so poly away kids.
And isn't baby hulk up top supposed to be green?

Adam Frisby

Hey Seph - we use our standard rates for all creators. We balance that out with no need to pay tier/upload fees/etc. It's a strictly profit share arrangement. :)

Sirhc: our December newsletter is going out at the moment. ;)


It's intriguing that Daz3D can be used in a VR setting now. It speaks well of Sinespace's efforts. That, and the advancement of GPU processing.


Good article. Of course people will do the SL comparison, we’ll see how it stacks with better avatars. I don’t think anything is ever going to ‘replace’ SL because they have dwell and you won’t get the oldbies to ever agree on a place to migrate to even if they could take everything with them. SL is their last home. But those of us who aren’t afraid to just be metaversal on our own even before any true metaverse comes (if it even ever does), we are are still exploring. I just don’t think the numbers are out there to do a big thing again like SL was at its height. They may never be.

@Adam Frisby - Thanks for the gold and other specials, I found a few! I’ll be checking things out, I made an account a bit ago but didn’t follow up, the avatars were ugly and the store items seemed too expensive for how they looked. I think your embedded reporter is really the wrong guy though. No one listens to him, we kind of just roll our eyes when he posts.

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