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Friday, December 13, 2019


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Why does only the male creator gets his last name mentioned? A bit sexist, isn’t it?

Indyra Seigo// {Indyra} & {Petite Maison}

It's a false equivalence that they are comparing themselves to Apple and Google in order to explain the doubling of their Marketplace commission. Apple and Google have hundreds of millions of individual users. SL has less than .1% of that. This increase can neither be justified by how many items there are for sale nor can content creators ever expect to make Google and Apple marketplace like profits on the SL Marketplace. The comparison is absurd. I predict sellers will simply pass the cost on to buyers in the form of higher prices. I suspect Linden Labs would just like to squeeze a few more bucks out of SL before they decide to it finally shut it down and focus on Sansar.


SL charges for uploading mesh objects (the cost varies according to complexity),
charges for uploading textures, animations or sounds. Charge for the land where the stores go, charge for everything and we should not be surprised by the changes in this regard. The premiums increased, they want an elite that pays more, and meanwhile the technical problems continue, and a new product, Sansar that does not give more than losses ... No support to the creators (many really great). It is not a game, we all know it, it is a big and huge business and they run it like a company. The creators must learn a lot, several programs, in addition to trying to be original, not copy, have quality, etc. The vast majority sells very little, and many will increase the prices of their products, so it is happening in SL, which does not benefit the common user. The little machine to make money, for now continues ... (Sorry use translator, I'm Spanish speaking)

Clara Seller

LL should make lower commission fees on Marketplace an incentive.

The fees should be really high on a creator who isn't Premium and doesn't hold land for commercial use.

There's a lot of ways to approach this, like actually being engaged in the inworld commercial situation. It would be work. LL doesn't seem to like that much. LL is now inserting itself aggressively into the residential land game, maybe they should think about commercial. Maybe they should look at events and think a little harder. Maybe they should look at main streets. I don't know. It's not my job to save their game, but they really should start making it theirs.

Extracting money, without looking at the big picture, is going to bite them from behind.

Iggy 1.0

How do they make any money from MP commissions, in any case? This is all using their created currency.

Any fees should be applied with players (no, I do not call them residents) change Linden Dollars to a fiat currency or purchase them in the first place. Otherwise, it's all Monopoly Money.

Maybe this new "cashflow" inflates LL's profits on paper. That would look good if they needed to sell the stagnant but still profitable SL.


I don't get why they keep it as a flat rate. Back in the days when I created SLBoutique, one of the things I did was give creators incentives to lower their rate. IIRC, the commission started around 8%, but creators could get it down to 2% if they listed enough items, and provided enough freebies for the community. It encouraged creators to participate, and help out the community.

Madeline blackbart

Im just gonna say (getting off track I know) that tankgirl kinda has a point that its odd only one creator has there last name listed? Surely they're all worthy of that.....?

Wagner James Au

Definitely was not intentional, beyond the fact that Max is a common first name while all the other developers have very unique first names, so I added his last name at the last second. But it's a fair point and I apologize for the appearance of disparity; updating now!


Impact of SL Marketplace's Increased Commission Rates: Meh to Massively Catastrophic, Depending Which Developer You Ask. On December 2, 2019, commission rates on Marketplace sales will become 10% of the item price. This will be the first commission increase since the Marketplace debuted a decade ago.

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