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Monday, December 16, 2019


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"Then again, if sellers do pass on the prices, that means more SL consumers buying more Linden Dollars (making more money for Linden Lab)."

But the point of all L$ related fee hikes seems to be to get rid of L$. Every 255-ish L$ that exists is a dollar USD of liability on LL's balance sheet as much as it's an asset since L$ is processable back to real money.

It seems zero sum to me to constantly hike fees knowing designers are just going to hike their L$ prices, which yes means customers will have to buy more L$, but that just increases LL's liabilities.

Who's winning here? Every one stands to lose. I believe the only lasting effect will be inflation, L$ dwindling in value because LL wants to disappear more of it, designers want to charge more of it, customers needing to buy more of it but waiting for better prices on L$. We're already seeing it infact with L$ selling at L$259 or so instead of L$251 since the latest fee hike took effect this month. It'll creep into the L$260s and maybe beyond as Linden Lab keeps hiking fees and designers follow suit.

This is just a tale of the quarter bag of chips becoming a dollar. Adjust everything for inflation.


I don't think it's fair to make differences between Premium creators and those who aren't. In relation to the residential and the territory, I believe that the business of LL, is not well faced, there is a lot of abandoned territory of Governor Linden, without any division, that could be sold or placed for auction, and it is like dead territory. They could also improve the aesthetics of these places of enormous territory without owner. In relation to the Premiums there is much to say, the fee is high (more than renting a land to the Chinese or another and putting the house you want) and the benefits are not ... (better not to mention the gifts and the events...). By increasing the percentage on the sale, the cost of the products will increase, as I already mentioned charge for mesh objects, apart for textures and everything that goes up. Anyway we love to create, we just do it for that, and not so much for the commercial ... Greetings!


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