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Monday, December 09, 2019


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Madeline blackbart

Remember when everyone cried that mesh would ruin sl and we all laughed like they were just chicken little. They were right tbh. While mesh did help keep sl up with the times graphics wise somewhat it is definitely the cause of its monopoly issues. The skill level required to create mesh just makes it damn near impossible for your average user to make marketable items and onces mesh body monopolies (here's looking at you maitreya) took over the creative freedom, variety, and artistry of the masses, offered by the freely available and easy to learn building tools in sl were a thing of the past. Sure learning also building tools is difficult but it's no where near as difficult to learn as 3d modeling and you average user doesn't have time for that let's be real. So mesh was/is a double edged sword need to keep up with other modern games but the cause of the death of a lot creativity in sl.

Wagner James Au

I think about that a lot, Madeline. I mean Minecraft and Roblox-based creation is not mesh dependent, with Minecraft much more like prim-based building, and they are VASTLY bigger than SL. At the very least we can say mesh didn't help SL grow its userbase.

Summer Haas

If you think about it, building with prims could have been a difficult task, but they gave us easy to use tools. The problem isn't mesh, it's that Linden Lab didn't build a mesh editor into the client.

They could have invested in an offline mesh creation tool specifically geared for SL and it's avatars, that would be relatively simple for everyone, instead they spent 10's of millions for the 3 people that use Sansar.

Madeline blackbart

I think to create a thing that could create mesh equivalent to what someone skilled in blender could would be impossible summer. That said I do agree they should have updated the in world building tools to some degree.

Summer Haas

Not impossible at all, just very time consuming and expensive to develop. Certainly comparable to creating all of Sansar.

Anyways, it wouldn't have to be as good as Blender, just good enough to let entry level people create basic to intermediate things. Would it be so impossible to have an editor with primitive shapes and allow them to be merged and extruded? That at least would get people farther than they are now.

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