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Thursday, January 30, 2020


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Susan Wilson

So a bunch of people got a fancy face mask for xmas and bought something to do with it. I'd like to see a report on how many of them are still using it in a few months.

Paula Scott

I wish wish wish ... they would add a search engine for our music will be happy to pay for my songs against I can enjoy my music in beat saber .. pls


As a Quest owner from day 1. I can say that my Quest gets used at least 4 times a week...


Jealousy is a bad look, Susan. I hope you get to check out VR one day.

Michael Jones

This is interesting but flawed. It doesn't take into account that Quest owners might not have bought anything at all on Xmas Day. It assumes that all Quest owners bought something. I didn't. Why should an existing Quest owner buy a game on Xmas Day? They could have bought whatever they want on a previous day when they weren't going to annoy family and friends by playing games instead of enjoying a family day. Most Quest owners would not have used the headset on a family day. The family would not have appreciated it. If they wanted to show off their headset to the family on Xmas day, they would have used a game bought previously.
New owners are more likely to have used the headset on Xmas day because it's new and the gift giver would have encouraged them, but for many, they might not have had time on a family holiday to set up their Quests, open an account, choose a game, etc.
If they did have time. It's likely that they would have played some of the free games or demos first - or just tried the tutorials.
It's also possible (but less likely) that new Quest owners would have bought Steam games and played with a Link. And many new Quest owners would already own a Rift or Go and have a selection of games available on cross-play.
Anyway, you cannot estimate the number of Quest owners by the amount spent on a particular day unless you know what proportion didn't buy anything on that day.
I don't know how many Quest owners didn't buy games but I didn't buy any so I , for one, don't feature in the writer's calculations.
All we can assume is that there are more Quest owners than the writer has calculated. Probably many more.
I think it's amazing how much Zuckerberg says was, in fact, spent on Xmas day. I am a gamer and I have four VR headsets, but I wouldn't use them on a family holiday. It would be interesting to find out how much was spent on 26th December though.


Got the oculus go last year 2018 and quest this year still using both


Good point Michael. I don't believe I purchased anything on the Oculus store with my Quest on Christmas Day. Oculus had been running sales during the holiday season, and I purchased content prior to Christmas Day. I'm guessing, but about 90% of the users who bought content were new users who got a Quest for Christmas. When Oculus Quest was initially released, it was back-ordered for a month or so. So there was a good size portion of Quest users from the end of May until a week before black friday when the Quest was out of stock.

I'd think Susan will be surprised if she saw those numbers. Oculus is doing a good job of updating the Quest with new features and content. If Facebook Horizons is a hit, then those numbers will explode. After all, you have to hunt to find a quest one month after Christmas due to backorders.

Wagner James Au

ARPU doesn’t assume every Quest owner bought content on that single day, it’s the average revenue of all owners. So for example - and these are hypothetical numbers — if 200,000 Quest owners bought a $30 game on Christmas while the remaining 500,000 owners bought nothing, the ARPU for that day about be about $8.50.


I agree with Michael. Here's one more way the data is flawed. I ordered our Oculus quest as a Christmas gift for my son, but it was backordered when I placed the order in early December and we didn't get ours until Jan 10 or so. And the day ours arrived I checked and they were backordered until mid Feb. Just checked today (Feb 1) and they are now backordered until March 2. So there is plenty of demand... Lots of folks have ordered who won't spend money on titles until their quest arrives.


I think if anything, the Christmas day figures are an estimate of how many NEW quest owners there were on Christmas day. If 600-700k quests were unwrapped that day, that is pretty exciting, especially when you figured anothther batch of them are arriving on front porches every week from backorders.


For reference, during Christmas there was a sale where a lot of games were discounted until around January 1st, I think. Oculus pushed the sale for people to buy stuff. I think a lot of games were discounted anywhere from 30%-50%. That might figure into your estimates as well.

Also, I use my Quest every day or so. Whoever said that is probably just being snide about VR until they try it themselves.

TonyVT Skarredghost

200K to 1M is a pretty big range...

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