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Friday, January 10, 2020


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Heartbreaking. I truly wish that all of this wasn't happening in the world yet it is..

Ilsa Hesse

anyone recall Vilerat? eve online?
this shit is scary. I remember clear back to my days in Everquest that every once in awhile someone would say "will be gone for a year or so". they sould sometimes come back an emotionally changed person...


I like this one. Less BlackMirror "millennial bad" shtick, more emotion like this.


This is much better than cartoons punching down on individuals who give Hamlet their opinions on things SL-related. Also better than making fun of overweight people sitting at a computer, lol.


Try being a Boomer and experiencing what we have:


And this list from wikipedia is just during the "Cold War" era. I don't mean to bring anybody down. But after a while, you just have to tune it out.

War is Hell.

Ilsa Hesse

Ok, Boomer...


Bixyl Shuftan

I imagine a few of the sailors sent off to fight the Barbary Pirates a couple hundred years ago sent letters to friends and family before leaving port.


I also known loads of military folks in various online spaces (gladly RL people I known just had to complete obligatory service in local bases) and first one I had come across had also been on SL. It was a girl from Iran who was being deployed while doing her mandatory draft thing and she was just a kid in my eyes. Like all those other kids going to war. Hope your friend is fine and comes back as fast as possible.

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