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Monday, January 13, 2020


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Two of my colleagues currently have the PSVR and are now on the waiting list to get the Valve Index. It seems to be a good first taste experience for immersive VR, I'd love to see the price cut.

Tyler Doshier

I doubt Sony is invested enough in pushing VR to take a significant loss on hardware. More than anything, PSVR has been a foot in the door to see how things play out in the space. From that perspective, it's done well.

If they decide to release a more robust v2 for the PS5, I believe there are ways they could serve up a differentiated experience to stand out in the market. But assuming they stick with the current hardware for the foreseeable future, I'd love to see them push it more aggressively:

Plan a couple of high-profile PSVR releases to coincide with a price cut to $199 early summer 2020 and do a big marketing push around it. Then do a temporary price cut to $99 Nov 2020-Jan 2021. It would be a no-brainer gift for PS4 owners and a tempting impulse buy for new PS5 owners. They'd probably move another 5m units overnight.

But that's just my personal fantasy scenario-- I don't know the PSVR's BOM, R&D/marketing costs, Sony's long-term VR strategy, etc.

(Thanks for featuring my comment, btw!)

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