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Wednesday, January 08, 2020


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Another AI listened at that "pizza", the Youtube automatic subtitler.
"neon what's your favorite food[?]"
They have a plan...

Wagner James Au


sirhc desantis

+several million to ser Pulsar there.
Mind you I would sooner trust the artifact than the 'hume' rabbiting on in the vid - what language was that?


The hype train leaves me decidedly unimpressed with the actual product. And right now, there is no "companion". Just "product". Personally, I don't need to speak with a "real" humanoid. Any one of the hundreds of thousands of cartoon/anime avatars that have been produced over the years, ranging from early VRML, through VRChat, will work for me. Perhaps it's from being conditioned within 3D/VR since 1998. If I'm chatting with an AI, I want to know that it's artificial. An anime head can't be any better than that.


Looks like all their effort went into pretty graphics, but under the hood it's a less impressive chatbot than Cleverbot.

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