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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


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camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

The Letuka Axis HUD as an inworld tool is limited to some extent to LSL's limitation of no more than 30 simultaneous animations playing at once on an avatar. Depending on what pose tools you use you may run into that limit fast, especially when posing both body and facial bones. Another option to get around this not mentioned in the article is using Black Dragon Viewer's Poser option, but that is slightly hampered by the fact that all changes are reflected only client side, and that only animesh and the logged-in user can be animated by it due to limitations imposed from above. (so it's only viable for selfies and not shots taken with the involvement of other people)


Yes surely I could have used the axix hud, but I wanted to try FaceApp! lol :)

Amanda Magick

Yes I knew it was FaceApp because there is a distinctive look to the nose and then the several smiles that it uses to morph into the pictures face in different ways. I find that close up images work the best with less unsightly smudging or odd pixelation. Ones that are farther away are really hit or miss.


I keep seeing this pop up and most of the time it's very disconcerting to me because it's something that is too real on an SL avatar. And other times it just looks really fake

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