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Monday, January 06, 2020


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There is Neos VR too with a slow but positive growing trend. On November they reached and now slightly overtook Sansar on Steam.

Petrov Olinzi

Sansar sucks because all they want to do is events, and they dont spend any time as staff on them
now they have some scheme where special people from user base get favour for creating events for sansar but they are mostly campfire kinda affairs where people sit around and talk about boring stuff
linden Lab staff so lazy to even make stuff so they have to get users to do it so they can blame the inevitable failure on the users instead
i swear linden labs staff are incompetent and dont even deserve users at this point
there grand plan is to get corporations in there anyway but cant until they get more users so in the meantime pretend to care about creators of events and make special groups
most content uploaded to sansar isnt even made by users anyway so unless some aaa develepor starts making stuff there its dead in the water

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