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Monday, February 03, 2020


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Let's compare these results with a random neighborhood yard sale or bake sale, which likely didn't require as many six-figure incomes to produce.

This is a hose. This is you getting hosed. Any questions?

Orca Flotta

I hate to be that girl, the one that says "I told you so!", but as it so happens ... I FRIGGN TOLD YOU SO!!!


in typical Linden Lab style, favouritism abounds. All those who seek the favour of staff and narcissistic community leaders excel in Sanser while everyone else dies on the vine.
they can throw whatever crappy events by these comet people all they want but the events are boring unoriginal and uninspired.
still nothing to do or nothing to see for everyone but abstract artsy fartsy crap or unfinished 'wip's so everyone stands around in the hub and talks about each other's avatar socks and stuff.
still not the place to be, not even with their pivot to events do they have anything even close to being cool.
just such a failure and it is all linden labs fault in the end

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