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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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Moggs Oceanlane

To be honest if you look at the physical world influencers may money and get freebies for their advertising and oromition and people in the virual spaces can and do, do the same (even if for many it's just a hobby). In so many ways virtual world participants/avatars want thr same rights on social platforms as physical world groups. (Thinks back to the Nym Wars when avatar accounts were being banned or deleted). Same rights, same responsibilities, same costs. Rights always come with responsibilities (whether we want to embrace them or not). So while it may suck... *shrugs*.

Adeon Writer

Sounds fair to me; be it a big website like Amazon or a small mom and pop self-hosted storefront, advertising is advertising. If Second Life wants to play the make-real-profits game, it has to play by the same rules as everyone else.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

$50 a month to keep the lights on at Flickr, as well as a reasonably bottomless storage bin for photos (not just the ones that are publicly published), a reasonably termed photoshare system, a relatively basic social interaction system... plus discounts on photoprints and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom CC.

I've paid for this every year after the first year in 2013 I was gifted Pro. I think it's not such a big ask to put the cost of a frappucino down every month towards supporting a good tool.


I hope that $50.00 frappuccino comes with a good tool too.


is not unreasonable to be asked to pay for product advertising

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

$50 a year, I meant. that's $5 a month, not a big ask. Made a mistake in my original msg.


awesome thank you for this post it has stuff I did not get in my blog either. :)

Rascal Frats

$5 a month can be written off against income gained on your yearly taxes as an 'advertising expense'. Your premium on SL can also be claimed as an expense. It's the cost of doing business, and it's pretty cheap, considering some of the stores listed on Flickr make more than enough money at this point to pay $5.

Josef Balbozar

It may help if the restrictions on Flickr Pro advertising were to loosen somewhat; so as to enable the presentation of useful marketing material in the real world to real people ... as some would say ...


Contrary to how the article reads it is only a clarification to all the folks who ignored Flickr's rules on commercial activity. It has been forbidden a while by now and many SL users ignored it.

Can't say I am surprised they decided to take action.


Flickr is Fxckr.

Karalyn Hubbard

I haven't been able to get back onto my free account since they did away with connection to Yahoo(months ago). I've tried several time to get a hold of someone at Flickr with no luck of a return message. I messaged on their Facebook page and got a message back to go to the help page on the Flickr site. :/ I can't even get in to delete my account if I wanted to. Grrr.

Frans Charming


In the end they say to contact their support if you can't get it work, using this page:

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