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Tuesday, February 04, 2020


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Susan Wilson

Meh, I'll wait until I see what their avatars look like.

sirhc desantis

"Proof you're a real human being (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal website, etc) * " (from the linked application).

Err, no. I have signed the odd NDA in my time but usually have some idea of wtf the thing is. Sceenshots of undefined origin that ahem 'ooze' don't quite hit the spot.


Just signed up for this. Thanks, Hamlet. Looking on their site I came across this...

"CORE is poised to unleash a new generation of creators. Instead of working within the confines of a specific game, art style or genre, CORE’s creators will be able to make their own experiences from scratch - whatever they can imagine - at Unreal engine quality (CORE is powered by Unreal)."

So, does that mean one can create uncanny valley avatars if they wanted to if we're not confined to a specific art style?

I then came across another one of their news articles. I'd recommend reading it. You will even see the mention of the Lua scripting system for game logic.



Ah, another one of those Roblox wannabes.
So far, all I see is marketing talk and sales people. Not sure about the oozing atmosphere, looks pretty 2010 to me but sure. Pass on this one until they show anything worth its salt.

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