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Friday, February 21, 2020


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Anais Aigner

What I love about this and the work Adam and team have done is to enforce optimized content. This is not creating the same issues SL has. In addition with their 2020 and 2021 roadmap which they have been fully transparent over combined with experts on the board makes me very excited for the future to grow client base over 18 months. An ideal time for SL creators to spread their risk across platforms and start transferring assets.


Let's take women's shoes for example. Heels with straps, buckles etc. If you want to create something appealing, optimize how you want - you need at least 10-15k per shoe. Then the item comes out more or less realistic. And that's an optimized item already. Going below 10-15k per shoe starts to cripple geometry and product becomes bulky, blocky, jagged etc. You are no more able to include many straps, designs get pretty simple and boring.
Sure, you can choose to go with 4k tris per shoe, but from a designer and end consumer point of view - there's no satisfaction of such product. And shoe models you can make within 4k tirs get pretty much limited. One or two straps at max. Mostly closed type of footwear.


Is this a unity based platform, cause I can create graphics modules on unity.


Carl, Sinespace was created on the Unity Engine. Designer, your best bet would be to watch any of the tutorials Sinespace has for creating clothing and such, just incase you have any more questions.


Alicia, i've just looked what shoes others have made for sinespace (and i suppose they have watched tutorials) - it all looks like crap from early SL days compared to what SL is currently having. Check for yourself https://sine.space/shop and search for heels or shoes. Or if i am wrong - please show me at least one pair of shoes that are up to today's SL's standards?


I know what they have Designer, but that's not all the shoes they have in their shop. What you're seeing is a small sample of what's actually in the shop. Your initial assessment, just from what you saw, is fairly accurate; however, you probably didn't see these as they're in the in game shop: https://gyazo.com/820bd3881784b1d1488e4cd19d92876f

Your best bet is to create an account to have a look. Keep in mind that Sinespace is in open beta. One more thing... keep the questions you may have coming, Designer. It never hurts to have an actual look or even ask questions.


Alicia, thank you, but honestly I am not even sure SLers would take those as freebies. Not in 2020 for sure. People tend to zoom in, appreciate details from different angles, for some it's as real as they would be buying a pair of shoes in real life, i know some even have told they can smell a fresh leather, visual representation of shoes awakens their fantasy to a degree where they feel their purchase is as real as it can get. What are the chances to get into this experience with shoes you've just showed me?

I understand you represent sinespace?.. correct? If that's a standard you guys try to set, there might not be a big base of followers coming from SL to switch over.

Out of curiosity, if there's a chance, ask any of your team-mates to recreate something like this for example: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LeLa-Desi-Sandals-Gift/18798079 without looking them sharp cornered, bulky and over optimized. Then see how many triangles are actually required to produce an eye-candy item. I bet you'll be around 10-15k per shoe. Anything significantly lower most likely will simply ruin the shoe design and scare away potential customers. Then - put this and your results side by side and do a survey, which product customers would buy A or B.

In no way i am advocating non-optimized content, but there's a certain threshold after which your product starts to look terribly wrong or you cannot bring your idea to life at all! With shoes - I've been through this with Adam long time ago already. And that's what has been keeping me and some of my fellow creators i know away from considering Sinespace as an option to create and sell our content.


Designer, I'm a Greeter in Sinespace, and I try to answer stuff to the best of my ability. I also try to direct people to the specific group they're looking at if its a more specific question, like the ones you're describing to me now.

Like I said, your best bet would be to create an account to have a look at things as you can actually demo an item in the shop itself even before you buy it, like that gyazo shot I linked up. I do suck as describing things, so that's on me, but if you are curious and do have specific questions, you should be able to get into the Discord group: https://discord.gg/sinespace

I believe the creators who do create with 3D mesh programs and Unity 3D would be able to answer that specific question about the 10-15k triangle better than I ever could. And yes, I will take your word for it as you've probably had chats with Adam about this.

Mackenzie Stewart

How exactly does one "play" Second Life?


Hey Designer -

There always will be some poly limits, however we have raised them fairly considerably in the last two years (the new 'high def' limit is 120K for a fully outfitted avatar); as long as you supply a low-res version which can be suitable for people on low-end devices (that could be done with alphaclipped textures or similar for cutout areas). There is some reasonably detailed shoes on the marketplace already - http://sine.space/shop/view/2114214/La-Boutique/Sexy-Pumps-Pack-3

Hope that helps!

Adeon Writer

Originally Posted by Mackenzie Stewart: "How exactly does one "play" Second Life?"

Well, log in, make some goals yourself, and then try to accomplish them. Same as Minecraft, really. Second Life came out long before Sandbox videogames became mainstream, so a few of the oldbies in SL still don't realize it's game genre isn't exactly all that rare anymore.


Thank you Adam, 120k is very reasonable per avatar, thank you for the update!

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