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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


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Can we play bullshit bingo on this report? YES WE CAN!...Please inform us
what product your sources has to sell. I smell the fouls stench of some marketing department here.

Orca Flotta

\o/ Hoohoo Fiona! \o/
Fancy to see you here. ;)

Gwenette Writer

Not bullsh*t. There is no product that offers what businesses needs as outlined above. As a virtual world (vw) developer, I run into these barriers all the time with university and business clients that want a multi-purpose learning space with a sense of place or a structured immersive training scenario, but also need doc support, mobile capabilities, often firewall tunneling, and encrypted communications. The fact is, the viewers for most immersive 3D vw are memory/CPU hogs, require high-graphic cards and are not web-based. I am always testing new software/platforms, but none come close to offering solutions that overcome all seven hurdles listed above. ** Wagner, if I am wrong and you have a hidden card up your sleeve, PLEASE let me know asap!


The platforms are out there, they even have a common standard: Scorm. What they don't have is virtual space as you really have no need for virtual 3D space in training softwares. So the consensus of the E-Learning community is "We don't need 3D". 3D scenarios can make sense in special occasions but you should embed them in a common learning platform not embed a common Learning plattfform into 3D. You don't want a game environment as top layer, you want a professional learning environment. If you take away human avatars it is still looking like a game but a crappy game to the general public out there. Don't tell me the "But it's no game." mantra, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...
Try to devolp something like that and expect the Boards of Directors to ask themselves the question "So what is the educational benefit of that game?" once you they closed the doors behind you,...


The confusion stems from needing to do a group meeting. How imperative is a group meeting, that you need to experience physical presence? Skype calls and a separate browser window with a shared set of Google docs has worked for years. 3D/VR will default to social more times than not, with little being accomplished that a Skype call couldn't have done.

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